How to split your Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) from your BTC/XBT using Electron Cash

So you want your BCC/BCH/Whatever (I’ll refer to it as BCH throughout the rest of the post) airdrop. That’s okay, everybody loves free monies.

I’ll tell you the way I and some friends did it and that worked for us, your situation might be different and I don’t guarantee that this will work, don’t blame me if something goes wrongI recommend that you read the whole post before trying anything.

Safety first: You gotta take all your BTC from the chain that it shares with BCH, this will make sure that if anything goes wrong with the split, your BTC is still safe since BCH won’t know anything about it’s new block. To do this just create a new wallet (with a new private key/seed and all, not just a new address) in your preferred, hum, wallet, and transfer all your BTC there, this won’t be reflected on BCH’s blockchain because it has already forked. Wait for a couple of confirmations before continuing, you can go download and install Electron Cash while you wait.

Now that your BTC are safe we need to split the BCH into a new address that is only present in the new BCH blockchain. To do this you will need to know the private keys that hold your BCH, some wallets allow you to easily export them (google it), whereas on others, like breadwallet, you will need to manually extract your private keys from your seed. If you used the original Electrum to hold your coins on this same computer Electron Cash should import them automatically, so just skip this section and send them to a new address.

To extract your private keys from your seed:

  • Copy the addresses that contained the coins before the fork (check your transaction history) and put them aside;
  • Go to decryption tool (assuming your wallet is BIP39 compatible, google it);
  • Disconnect from the internet;
  • Type your seed into the “BIP39 Mnemonic” field;
  • Type your password if you have one;
  • Down there at “Derivation Path” choose BIP44 (for Bitpay or Copay), or BIP32 (for Breadwallet);
  • Configure the parameters to match your wallet’s derivation path (google it like “[wallet name] derivation path”, breadwallet’s is m/0’/0 for normal addresses and m/0’/1 for change addresses);
  • The website should give you some addresses/public keys/private keys, look for the addresses you saved earlier and save the private keys associated to them;
  • Keep clicking the “Show more rows” button until you find all your addresses.

This can vary depending on your wallet, please leave a reply to this post if you wish that I do a dedicated step-by-step for your wallet.

Once you have all your private keys, run Electron Cash, click Wallet > Private Keys > Sweep, paste your private keys one by line and click “Sweep”, check that you didn’t forget any addresses by matching the balance to your BTC balance, and click “Broadcast” to broadcast the transaction to the BCH network. Wait for a few confirmations et voilà, your coins are split.

Now you can hold it there on Electron Cash, transfer to another BCH wallet, or go dump it on ViaBTC or Bittrex (just use the wallet to transfer your BCH to the exchange as usual).

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